My name is Julia Clarke and I’m a destination wedding stylist, florist and stationer based in the beautifully romantic city of Paris.


After many years as a florist and stylist in New Zealand and Australia, I decided life was too short and it was time to follow my dream of living in the most romantic city in the world and so moved with my husband and two children to Paris in 2018. 


Floret. means a small flower, more exactly many small flowers that make up the head of a larger flower. This seemed like the perfect fit as my business has many parts (flowers, styling & stationery) and each of these has its own significance but together they create something even more beautiful. I offer couples each of these services individually or as a whole.


Curating beautifully cohesive weddings and bringing your ideas and vision to life is at the heart of Floret. My passion is about all of the beautiful details and making sure not only do you have the most magical day imaginable but that we also capture and create your dream. 


Each wedding I curate completely reflects my couples, their personalities and vision and I absolutely love being able to help you to create the wedding of your dreams, whether that be in flowers, stationery or complete styling.

I have a beautifully refined but organic style of design which fuses together the elegance of Paris, the beautiful architecture of Parisian buildings, fine lines and romantic cobbled streets whilst being contrasted with the wildly beautiful and organic landscape of my home country New Zealand. Long white clouds, snow peaked mountains and lush forests and greenery. 


From a young age I loved design. I grew up climbing trees, exploring secret gardens and painting at my grandparents house in New Zealand and have always had a passion for being creative. When I started working in weddings I knew that I had found home, a place where I could really flourish and from starting as a stylist over 12 years ago I have since trained in flowers and calligraphy.


I have been honoured to have had my work featured in a number of amazing publications including  Once Wed, Style Me Pretty, Magnolia Rouge, Together Journal, Paper & Lace, NZ Weddings, Nouba, NZ Bride & Groom and many more.


I would absolutely love the opportunity to help you create the most beautiful day imaginable. 

"A dream come true"

I just want to take a moment to say how truly grateful I am to you for everything you did for me not just this weekend but this past 5-6 months. 


Having you as my florist/stylist/friend was the best thing that I could’ve asked for. You were a dream come true. You managed to make my dream wedding a reality, and then some. Everything from the flowers, the signs, the table cloths, the candles, the car, the name tags, the bar, it was all just perfect. And I’ll forever be grateful to you for your hard work, energy and insane imagination for creating the look we wanted. 

Nicky and Chris





Spending time with my littlest loves. After 4 miscarriages, getting these two beauties has been an absolute blessing. They definitely keep me young, on my toes and give me the greatest joy in life. I love that being a florist and stylist means being able to juggle my days to fit in with their routines.

Connor & Sienna




Veuve has to be my favourite but I am not at all fussy, if it is pink (or red or white!), of a liquid variety and preferably cold, then I am in my happy place.

I love sitting in a bar or cafe along a Parisian street with my husband and kids watching the world go by having a chilled glass of rosé or relaxing on the couch with a vino after a hard day at work.

Drinking the Pink Stuff

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Marshmallows, pink or white, plain or covered in chocolate, in something, on something - I mean what isn't there to like!


Clouds of Goodness




My favourite flower has evolved over time, it was first a tulip and I do still love a tulip but not as I used to - now I love them fully blown (petals wide open). Next it was a peony (for obvious reasons), today however, my absolute go to and must have are garden spray roses. These little pillows of petals are amazing to work with and look absolutely incredible.

Spray Roses